Salla - in the middle of nowhere

What could be a better place for winter holidays than relaxing and exciting Salla? In Salla you can step out of your daily routines and busy life and experience the beautiful Finnish nature and our exciting guided trips.

Salla Reindeer Park offers many escape opportunities from everyday life. Huskies and reindeer will take you in to the beautiful Lappish nature. With snowshoes and forest skis you can go where ever you want to.

Guided snowmobile safaris are also a safe way to explore the wilderness near and far. On a snowmobile safari, you can get first-hand experiences of the vast wilderness and the proximity of the Russian border. Contact Arctic Circle Safaris to book you own snowmobile safari.

If you like speed, head to Salla Ski Resort slopes. Take your skiis or snowboard and admire the incredible scenery from the top of the fell. Why not also try one of their electric assisted fatbikes that take you easily to the nature.

One of our most famous attractions is the bar-gallery SnowLounge  that is completely made out of snow and ice. This winter you can even spend a night there!

We also recommend to visit our Museum of War and Reconstruction. It is full of interesting stories of life in Salla between 1900s and 1960s.

You can also enjoy and take your time in our cozy cabins after a day outdoors. Spa with it's warm pools and sauna is an excellent place for relaxing.

Delicious local Lappish food is offered in our restaurants.

Check out our many winter events from the Calendar of events.

Welcome to enjoy Salla!

Tourist info Salla

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21.11.2017 Improvements on the maintenance of Salla ski tracks
24.04.2017 Sale in Salla online shop!
16.02.2017 The Waterfall of the Year 2017 in Salla!
30.12.2016 Sallas reindeer herders in the international media
30.11.2016 80th anniversary in slalom championship and Finland 100 years!
13.11.2015 Ski tracks open!
21.05.2015 Seminar about Nature Parks and ekological tourism in Salla
20.05.2015 Oulanka National Park listed in the 10 best National Parks in Europe by The Guardian
09.12.2014 Aatsinki-the Story of Arctic Cowboys -documentary movie premiere in Salla 13.12.

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