Salla - in the middle of nowhere

No ordinary midnight

Summer in the Middle of Nowhere

Suddenly it's summer! Even the life in Salla seems peacefull and quiet you often find your self from situations you never expected to happen. Just moment ago we were skiing and you had to use winter clothes and then in one week became summer. Summertime in Salla is exiting and full of life; day and night. The midnight sun is already here and will stay with us until August. Inspired by that light the wilderness offers things to do by night time too; shopping, running marathon, hiking. All of these and lots of more belong to the Salla wilderness in summer time from new biking routes to hilarious events! Check the news in here.

You can also enjoy and relax in our cozy cabins after a day outdoors. Spa with it's warm pools and sauna is also an exellent place for relaxing. Or if you need to cool down, take a dip in a lake!

Accommodation, activities and other services now available in Salla Online Shop!

Welcome to enjoy Salla!

Tourist info Salla

Postipolku 3
98900 Salla
tel. +358 (0) 400 269 838

news and offers

24.07.2014 Stars of the Wilderness in Salla
07.06.2014 Tourist Info summer opening times
08.11.2013 New snow and other news
21.02.2012 The mobile version of Salla websites is published
11.11.2011 New Salla-collection is here!
19.10.2011 Guide signs to the finding place of the world’s oldest ski
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The blaze of Tuntsa

In 1960, God in his wisdom deemed it appropriate to burn down part of the forests of Tuntsa. I was asleep, when Fire Chief Yrjö Tervo came to rouse me by knocking on the window. He said that I needed to get up and go to Tuntsa to put out a fire. I had no choice but to go. I drove to Kota-Antti,...