Salla - in the middle of nowhere


Winter season in the middle of nowhere!

The wilderness is covered with white and we are enjoying all the winter fun. You can calm your self just by arriving to Salla and listen to ... absolutely nothing. Only the sound of bear snoring in its nest or the Northern Lights flaming in the sky. Feel the stress and hurry fading away in the arms of Salla.

This season we have a big party coming on; Salla Tourism center has it's birthday on 21st of February. 50 years ago it all started. Although we have had the first slalom competition 70 years agoand have been skiing over 5000 years 21st of February 1965 was the official opening day for Salla Tourism center.

During the winter season we have also lots of other hilarious event that you can check out from our calendar of events. Thing to do besides take part for our events we have more than 160km excellent ski tracks, different kind of safaris quided by local quides, high quality slopes or maybe you wan't to do some exrecise in the Salla Sport center.

You can also enjoy and take your time in our cozy cabins after a day outdoors. Spa with it's warm pools and sauna is an exellent place for relaxing. Or if you need to cool down, take a dip in a lake!

Accommodation, activities and other services now available in Salla Online Shop!

Welcome to enjoy Salla!

Tourist info Salla

Postipolku 3
98900 Salla
tel. +358 (0) 400 269 838

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07.06.2014 Tourist Info summer opening times
08.11.2013 New snow and other news
21.02.2012 The mobile version of Salla websites is published
11.11.2011 New Salla-collection is here!
19.10.2011 Guide signs to the finding place of the world’s oldest ski

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A painful mission

The Winter War had broken out. We numbered about a dozen men tasked with escorting and guiding people and cattle to take the Savukoski road towards the west. In Kotala, we shot the cows in the barn since we could not take them with us. When we left Kotala, the soldiers immediately set the buildings...