Salla - in the middle of nowhere


The land of the never-ending light

The nature in Salla can be experienced in many ways. There are various different activities, guided trips and programs for the ones who want to enjoy the wilderness in the middle of nowhere. Get inspired by the new summer magazine! We provide you a map application for mobile devices that help you to stay on the map during different activities. There's also a Northern Lights application for mobile devices that sends notifications to your mobile device once the Northern Lights have been spotted in the sky. Did you know you can see Northern Lights already in August?!

Salla is a scene for many unique events; Salla Midnight Trail Marathon, Salla in the middle of the night, midnight orienteering, Salla-day, Harvest Party, Reindeer heat -week, RUSKAntri - country music festival and the famous "Nothing happens" -week! Check these and other events can be checked from theCalendar of events.

You can also enjoy and take your time in our cozy cabins after a day or night outdoors. Spa with it's warm pools and sauna is an exellent place for relaxing. We recommend to try also the refreshing swim in a nature lake or river.

Accommodation, activities and other services now available in Salla Online Shop!

Welcome to enjoy Salla!

Tourist info Salla

Postipolku 3
98900 Salla
tel. +358 (0) 400 269 838


19.08.2016 Sallan Aluelämpö waterworks announcement 19.8.
13.08.2016 Drinking and household water should be boiled in Salla- Sallatunturi and Salmivaara area
13.11.2015 Ski tracks open!
21.05.2015 Seminar about Nature Parks and ekological tourism in Salla
20.05.2015 Oulanka National Park listed in the 10 best National Parks in Europe by The Guardian
09.12.2014 Aatsinki-the Story of Arctic Cowboys -documentary movie premiere in Salla 13.12.
03.09.2014 Need a insiders' tip?
28.08.2014 The first Northern Lights of the season!
24.07.2014 Stars of the Wilderness in Salla

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Visit of President Kekkonen

President Urho Kekkonen was a great friend of Lapland and was eager to meet local people when visiting Salla.
During his visit to Salla, he stopped by Vihtori Vuorela’s house for a cup of coffee. His wife had even ironed a white tablecloth for the table. When drinking his coffee,...