Seminar about Nature Parks and ekological tourism in Salla

Do you have enough vacation time?

Here in Salla Lapland we do.  We truly hope that you do remember our special nature conditions when it comes to holidays. Southern Europe has short days and long dark nights but we have long sunny nights and bright summer days. In Finland and specially in finnish Lapland summer holiday seems to be double compared to others, right? Additional to that we also have cleanest air and water in the world.

It might sound a bit unfair - don’t you think? That is also the reason that we are hearing rumors that we should have only half holidays! For this reason we do our very best to get people from Europe to share it with us and breathe the fresh air together with midnight sun.

Seminar on the of the future of Nature and Wellness tourism in the Arctic will be held in Salla on 16th of June 2015 at 12.00-19.00. "NATURE TOURISM SEMINAR The Future of Sustainable Tourism at Arctic Salla" - seminar is part of the municipality of Salla and Salla tourism marketing association Matkalle Sallaan ry ECOSALLA- development project, which aims to develop Salla to one of the leading Finnish nature tourism destinations.

International seminar speakers include Professor Johan R. Edelheim from Faculty of Social Sciences / Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI)  Rovaniemi Finland, Dr. Peter Zimmer from PKF International, a consulting company from Hamburg Germany. In addition, representatives of Metsähallitus and the University of Helsinki will talk about Salla from the perspective of national parks and Värriö nature research center.

The seminar will address the possibilities of Lapland, and Salla in international comparisons and the uniqueness of the development of year-round nature tourism and the principles of sustainable development at tourism. The seminar venue is in Salla reindeer park, Hautajärventie 111, 98900 Salla. The seminar is free of charge. The seminar is in English.



Future of sustainable tourism at arctic Salla


MONDAY 15.6.2015

Check in at accommodation

20:30 Midnight sun program at Tuohenlusikka wilderness camp

Biking tour under the midnight sun to the top of Sallatunturi fell. Enjoy the wilderness scenery and see how “In the middle of nowhere” you really are.

Arriving to Tuohenlusikka wilderness camp where you can relax in the traditional sauna, take a swim in the refreshing water of Tuohenlusikka lake and taste the Lappish delicacies in the midnight dinner by the open fire.

TUESDAY 16.6.2015

12:00             Welcome greeting from the municipality of Salla

Mr Erkki Parkkinen, Salla municipal mayor

12:15             From Indian summer to untouchable mountains -  International success stories from National parks which have created sustainable activities and development together with nearby communities

PKF hotelexperts GmbH, Vienna. PKKF hotelexperts is the largeset hospitality consulting firm in the world. Founded at Chicago in 1927.

13:30             Coffee break

13:45             Salla, The cleanest nature in the world, sustainability at its finest

Mr Tuukka Petäjä, Professor Physics, University of Helsinki

15:15             Lunch

16:15             National Parks in Lapland – The secrets of untouchable nature, stress relief and other health benefits

Mr. Joel Erkkonen, Senior Advisor,  Metsähallitus

17:45             Coffee break

18:00             Future of sustainable tourism at arctic, Salla

Prof. Johan R. Edleheim, University of Lapland

19:30             Discussion and end of the Seminar

Mr Erkki Parkkinen, Salla municipal mayor


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