New snow and other news

In early winter we are always asked, what new are we going to offer this season? "Well, new snow at least!", grunted a local long-term tourist agent. Sometimes those living in the midst of this pristine, incredibly beautiful and hopefully unchanging wilderness are a little upset by the idea that there should always be something new on offer.

But we do evolve and develop in the same pace as the rest of the world. Only recently we finished our development programme Salla2020, where one of the emphases is on the development of summer tourism, quality, increasing the accommodation capacity, services and product range suitable for the wilderness, and on being ready for the increase in cross-border travels. However, we would also strive to remain a self-sufficient and genuine wilderness site, where there are still things and people that never change.

This season there will also be those much expected news. For those who enjoy independent snowshoe walks, a snowshoe track has been marked in blue at the upper Salla Fell (former Large Holy), starting from the bottom of the Northern slope. You can walk along the track, enjoy being on your own and admire the vast fell landscapes surrounding you. Snowshoes can be rented from the equipment rental of Salla Ski Resort or from Salla Reindeer Park.

New is also the opportunity to rent kicksleds from B.Art Collection. These contraptions help you to smoothly blend in with the local folk. Speaking about contraptions: one of the tourist agents began to feel sorry that Ladas, which do not let you down even at forty degrees below zero, have slowly become extinct and replaced with new vehicles on the streets of Salla, while taking a piece of local history with them. Now Ladas are back in Salla! In the new programme of Salla Reindeer Park we test the unparalleled wilderness features of Lada in an ice race.

Salla Ski Resort and Ski School offers more programs for children. "The Bear" a mascot of Salla Ski Resort will visit in the slope area more often during winter. Also slope 1.5 (located next to the front slope) will get a new profile, so that all skiers can enjoy it. Come to meet the bear in slope programs and test the new slope profile!

The restaurant Keloravintola in cooperation with Salla Ski Resort and Holiday Club will erect fencing for reindeers at the parking site of Keloravintola to entertain families with children. The fencing will be placed so that you can look at the reindeer and feed them from the car park of the restaurant, while the toddlers of the families could also have a closer look at the reindeer from the side of skiing slopes. The reindeer will be there to behold and to enjoy during the whole winter season and you can get treats from the restaurant Keloravintola to feed the Red-Nosed and his companions.

The news in Salla Sport Centre for this season are Functional Power and Body Shape fitness groups as well as the opportunity for personal training. Massage cabinet Sieka, which is located right in the centre of Salla, offers muscles that are sore from activities in the wild pampering treatments, such as peat compress for shoulders.

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