Need a insiders' tip?

You know that friend who is always sharing the best travel tips? Someone who knows the places to go and the things to do that you can't find in travel guides? The experiences that make a journey really unique? Get ready to meet a friend just like that.

This is not an online travel guide. This is our local people sharing their everyday lives with you. Just choose someone you like, someone who shares your interests, get connected and ask anything!

Our Local on Call is Lasse, he can be used for advisor until the end of the year 2014.

This is how you can contact him:

Email: aatsinki.lasse@gmail.com




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Пожар в Тунтсе

В 1960 Господь счел целесообразным и необходимым сжечь часть лесов Тунтсы. Я спал, когда начальник пожарной службы Юрьё Терво постучал мне в окно. Он сказал, что я...