A new National Park to Salla?

A new National Park to Salla? An additional attraction to visit the area?

As part of the Gateway to Land of National Parks tourism development project's initiative, the municipality of Salla is making preparations for the establishment of a national park for the Sallatunturi Nature Reserve, which is an area of over 10,000 hectares of land.

A national park would enhance the attractiveness of Salla, create new business opportunities, and provide more services and attraction to tourists. As background for the preparation, a feasibility study will be carried out in autumn 2019.

An especially important part of the study is consulting potential users. Therefore we offer the opportunity to take an ONLINE SURVEY by October 25th, 2019. Tourism professionals should complete the survey from their client's point of view.

The survey is being carried out by FCG Design and Engineering Ltd. For more information about the survey:

Municipality of Salla, Sonja Aatsinki


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