Future events

Weekly program

            December 2019

            Week 52
            25.12.2019 Bat & Ryyd Show and Disco (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 1
            31.12.2019 Band 'Iskuporakone' (Pub Papana Pupi)

            January 2020

            Week 5
            31.01.2020 Megax Disco '90 (Pub Papana Pupi)

            February 2020

            Week 7
            14.02.2020 Troubadour Antti Kajander (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 8
            17.02.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            19.02.2020 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)
            21.02.2020 The Beatcakes -Beatles tribute (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 9
            24.02.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            26.02.2020 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)
            28.02.2020 House Band (Pub Papana Pupi)

            March 2020

            Week 10
            02.03.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            04.03.2020 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)
            06.03.2020 Duo Badfellas & Burleski Show (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 11
            09.03.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            14.03.2020 Band Nelituuli (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 12
            16.03.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            20.03.2020 Teatteri Eurooppa 4 -Papana Special
            21.03.2020 Teatteri Eurooppa 4 -Revue
            Week 13
            23.03.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 14
            30.03.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)

            April 2020

            Week 15
            06.04.2020 Tane's Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            08.04.2020 Suistamon Sähkö vol 2 - Live music . Ice Cold Gig (SnowLounge - Taste the Arctic -)

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            A painful mission

            The Winter War had broken out. We numbered about a dozen men tasked with escorting and guiding people and cattle to take the Savukoski road towards the west. In Kotala, we shot the cows in the barn since we could not take them with us. When we left Kotala, the soldiers immediately set the buildings...