Skiing with dog

Dog tracks

There are three ski tracks where you are allowed to bring dogs in Salla.

Kaunisharju route (12,0 km) in Sallatunturi
Ratiskanviita route (5,5 km) Salla center

Kalliojärvi route (20km) between Sallatunturi and Salla village

The dog tracks marked with this sign:

Instructions for skiing in dog tracks

Keep your dog in leash
Clean off your dogs' droppings
Make sure Your dogs' vaccinations are up-to-date
Take other skiers in to consideration
watch out for passersby, especially in down hills
Let other skiers know if you are going to pass them by in advance
You are responsible of your dog
Do not bring an aggressive dog in the tracks

You can only go one way in the tracks with a dog. Follow the markings on the sings.

Note that skiers without a dog can ski the tracks both ways!