Sallatunturi-Reindeer Park-Sallatunturi-track

Sallatunturi Fell - Poropuisto Park - Sallatunturi Fell tracks, 9 km,partly illuminated

The tracks that lead to Poropuisto Park, with a starting point behind “Sallatunturin Tuvat”, diverge from the tracks going to Ruuhitunturi Fell after two kilometres. After the crossroads, there are two demanding hills. There is a lean-to on the shore of a small lake along the route.

When approaching the Poropuisto Park, you pass by a tepee village. This village is used by programme service providers, so you might bump into groups on snow-shoeing trips.

There is a ski café at the park as well as the exhibition “Metsän Sali” (Forest Hall) that illustrates old forests and nature in Salla, showcases with wildlife animals and an art exhibition, all free of charge.

After Poropuisto Park, the route leads to the other side of the road between Salla and Kuusamo, and the lit part of the tracks begin. On this lap, there is one challenging downhill slope.

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