Ruuhitunturi track

Ruuhitunturi track, 15,5 km. Easy/medium hard

This route, leading to one of the finest vantage points in Finland, is definitely worth the effort.

The first four kilometres of tracks run through bogs and forest views, after which the tracks start to climb gradually. You will find the first lean-to right after “Sallatunturin Tuvat” and the next one on the shore of Hangasjärvi lake. After this, the climb up to Ruuhitunturi Fell begins. The Ruuhitunturi ski café is open daily from week seven (mid-February) and there is a day hut next door where you can have your own snacks.

The views from the observation tower, standing on the top of the fell, are quite unique, so it is definitely worth the squeeze struggling up the final kilometre of skiing. In clear weather, you can see all the way to Russia from the top of the fell. The trees with their snow-laden crowns bend under the weight of the snow and form countless imaginative figures on the slopes of the fell.

When descending from the top of the fell, you can whizz down the tracks for four kilometres. When the conditions are good, this is a lot of fun – but if there is ice, it might be a good idea to ease off the speed a bit.  Between the Hangasjärvi lean-to and the Sallatunturi Fell, bubbles the 'Sotka Ämmi’ spring throughout the year, so if you are thirsty, enjoy a gulp of the fresh water straight from the source.

The Ruuhitunturi tracks are usually opened before the start of the spring season. Details will be posted on the Salla weekly programme.

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