Ruuhitunturi – Salla Reindeer Park- Sallatunturi route

Ruuhitunturi Fell - Poropuisto Park in Salla - Sallatunturi Fell, 20 km, easy.

This track takes you to one of the most amazing sightseeing places in Finland and is definitely worth taking. First four kilometers goes through diverse landscape of swamps and forests after which the track starts to slowly climb. First lean-to is right after Sallatunturin Tuvat and the next one is at the bank of Lake Hangasjärvi. There is a viewing tower at the top of Ruuhitunturi that, in a clear day, has a breathtaking view. The Ruuhitunturi Ski Café is open from 15th of February 2015 daily 10am-4pm. There is also a fireplace where you can eat your own lunch. When you start to head down to Reindeer Park there is an easy downhill that transforms into mountainous terrain closer to the Reindeer Park. The landscape is beautiful and there is a hut for resting and a Café in Salla Reindeer Park. From Reindeer Park you can choose whether to go on the left or right side of the road back to Sallatunturi.

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