Kaunisharju track

Kaunisharju tracks, 12 km. illuminated, easy route.

The tracks run southward from Sallatunturi Fell through varied terrains with views of fells and ridges. You can ski the route in either direction.  If you decide to go clockwise, you can climb up the 1.3 km short cut, or ski it down if taking the route in anticlockwise direction. When skiing anticlockwise, you should note that the short cut must be taken about 500 metres after the Tunturilampi lean-to, unless you wish to continue to the Kuntolatu tracks.

There are two lean-tos along the route. The Tunturilampi lean-to is located 0.5 km from the crossroads of four ski routes (the tracks around the fell, Kuntolatu tracks, the short cut, the Kaunisharju tracks) and the Kaunisharju lean-to is 1.4 km from the Poropuisto Park. Siberian jays, the lucky birds of visitors to Lapland, can often be spotted at both lean-tos. If you want to ensure that your luck will continue in the future, have some crumbs in your pocket for the Siberian jays to snack on too.

There is a ski café at the Poropuisto Park in Salla, a great spot for enjoying doughnuts with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. You will find one demanding climb/downhill slope between the Poropuisto Park and Sallatunturi Fell, but other than that the tracks are pleasant and varied without being too challenging.

Please note that skiing with dogs is also permitted on the Kaunisharju tracks. If you have a dog with you, you must take the short cut as the Kuntolatu route is not permitted for dogs. Please read the instructions on skiing with dogs carefully before you head out to the tracks. The recommended direction when skiing with dogs is clockwise.

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