Kalliojärvi route through the Salla village

Kalliojärvi route through the Salla village, 23 km. Easy

You can take the Kalliojärvi-Salla village route by starting in the direction of Snowpoint or Kalliojärvi from the Sallatunturi Fell. There is a ski café, Snowpoint, along the route, offering lunch and refreshments. After skiing 1.8 km from Snowpoint in the direction of Salla, you will see the Sirkka lean-to, where you can cook sausages in the blaze of an open fire. About 0.9 km after the lean-to, take a left-hand turn to return towards Sallatunturi Fell (Kalliojärvi) or, alternatively, continue directly into the Salla village for some shopping.

When heading towards Kalliojärvi, the tracks climb uphill. On sunny spring days in particular, the snow in the forest glistens like millions of tiny crystals. Winding along the tracks, you can spot soft prints left behind by willow grouse and black grouse. The extra 4.3 km trip to Kalliojärvi Lake is well worth taking as there are amazing views of gorge rock walls and a pleasant day hut to visit.

After Kalliojärvi Lake, the remainder of the route will go smoothly downhill back to Sallatunturi Fell.

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