Kalliojärvi tracks

Kalliojärvi tracks, 18km, easy.

The Kalliojärvi route is definitely one of the gems in Salla. The rugged, rocky walls at Kalliojärvi Lake and the undisturbed peace of the wilderness will surely remain a treasured memento in the hearts of those taking this route.

You can get to the Kalliojärvi route by using the subway at the hotel to get to the other side of the road from Salla to Kuusamo. The beginning of the route runs through a swamp district, punctuated with forested areas. In these parts, the tracks may disappear fast on windy days. Once the tracks reach the cover of the forest, they start gradually climbing towards Marjavaara Hill. Some benches are scattered along the tracks, should you wish to sit down to catch your breath or just to admire the view. After 5.4 km, take a left turn towards Kalliojärvi. The first house you see along the tracks is a private cottage, not the Kalliojärvi wilderness hut. After 1.5 km of skiing, you take a turn to the right and arrive on the ice of Kalliojärvi Lake. It is impossible to make tracks on ice with a machine, so for the next 1.5 km lap you will be on ski-hike tracks.

You will find the Kalliojärvi wilderness hut on top of a hill on the other side of the gorge-walled Kalliojärvi Lake. There is a bridge that takes you over the sound on the left, to the foot of a steep hill. It is a good idea to leave your skis off and climb to top of the hill in your ski boots.  By the heat of the stove at the Kalliojärvi hut you will find a perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink from your thermos.

The route continues on the ice of the lake for a while, but soon you will be back on the machine-made tracks. After 1.3 km, take a right-hand turn that will take you back in the direction of Sallatunturi Fell. The rest of the route goes swiftly, downhill.

The Kalliojärvi route is usually opened in the beginning of the spring season (depending on the thickness of the ice). Details on the opening of the route are posted on the Salla weekly programme.

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