Hangasselkä loop

Hangasselkä loop, 20km, easy.

The Hangasselkä loop was introduced as a new route for the 2010–2011 season. You can head out to the Hangasselkä route from the tracks running in the direction of either Ruuhitunturi Fell or Kalliojärvi Lake. When going via the Ruuhitunturi route, the tracks start off with mostly upward terrain, but once the tracks diverge from the route to Ruuhitunturi Fell and head out towards Hangasselkä, the route becomes more flat and the end of the route is mainly downhill.

At Hangasjärvi Lake, you will find a pleasant leant-to where you can light a fire. At the other end of the route, you can stop by the Kalliojärvi day-hut just 1.5 km away.

The scenery along the Hangasselkä route is varied – from swamps to old forests adorned with colossal pines and grey, dead-standing trees. The rugged views at Kalliojärvi Lake are an attraction in their own right. You may also spot animal prints on the snow, left by a rabbit, fox, pine marten or another wild animal. Here, you will discover the undisturbed peace of nature.

The Hangasselkä route is usually opened before the spring season. Details are posted on the Salla weekly programme.

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