Sallan Rautatori Oy ( hardware store )

We provide you with everything you need for construction and renovation, agriculture, forestry and gardening. Our selection also includes surface materials for interior decoration.

Because our store is compact, our in-store inventory includes only basic products,
but our sale-to-order selection covers an extensive variety of products
even for the most special needs.

As a main rule, ordered products will be delivered very quickly to the customer.

Our basic selection has all the products needed for ordinary construction and renovation.

We mix paints on site – no need for your project to come to a standstill while you wait for the right colour!

Basic information
Opening hours Mon-Fri 7-17, Sat 9-13.00.
Contact information:

Tauno Luukinen

puh 0207 756 858
Fax: 016 831 300

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