Salla municipality

Salla is situated in the East Lapland north from the Arctic Circle. Salla shares a border of 187 km with Russia. After the World War II half of the municipality was ceded to Soviet Union. Municipality was established in year 1857 and it was know as Kuolajärvi until year 1936.

Oulanka National Park is situated in the southern part of Salla and Tuntsa wilderness area in the north. The nearest towns are  Kemijärvi, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi.

Salla is facing interested challenges in the coming years. The international border crossing point of Salla will reactivate the old trade route from the Whote sea to Salla. Because of the development possibities Salla is a potential place for trade and tourism.

During the 1960s the economical structure of salla was based on the primary production- agriculture, forestry and reindeer herding. When the profitability of primary production decreased in 1960s, also the number of inhabitants went down from 11 041 to 6500 inhabitants.

In the recent years Salla have invested for the development of economical structre. Especially the tourism trade has developed, which have a positive effect also to other economical sectors.

Salla in numbers
* Area: 5872 km2
* Inhabitants: 4431 (5/2007)
* Religion: Lutherian
* Highest point: Sorsatunturi 629 m


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