Salla Tourist Info

From tourist info you'll get information and brochures of Salla and surroundings.

When Tourist information office is closed, information available by phone+358 (0) 400-269 838,

Or from the following companies:

Salla War and Reconstruction museum, Savukoskentie 12,98900 Salla

Salla Reindeer Park, Hautajärventie 11 98900 Salla

Sallatunturin Tuvat, Hangasjärventie 2 98900 Salla

Spa hotel Holiday Club Salla, Revontulentie 2 98900 Salla

Salla Ski Resort, Revontulentie 7 98900 Salla

Sallainen Caravan & Mökit, Tunturikummuntie 2 98900 Salla

Also Salla-clothing for sale.

Basic information
Opening hours Mon - Fri 9:00-16:00
Languages: Finnish, English, saksa
Contact information:

Sallan Matkailuinfo

puh +358 (0) 400 269 838

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The blaze of Tuntsa

In 1960, God in his wisdom deemed it appropriate to burn down part of the forests of Tuntsa. I was asleep, when Fire Chief Yrjö Tervo came to rouse me by knocking on the window. He said that I needed to get up and go to Tuntsa to put out a fire. I had no choice but to go. I drove to Kota-Antti,...