Salla Tourist Info

From tourist info you'll get information and brochures of Salla and surroundings.

When Tourist information office is closed, information available by phone+358 (0) 400-269 838,

Or from the following companies:

Salla War and Reconstruction museum, Savukoskentie 12,98900 Salla

Salla Reindeer Park, Hautajärventie 11 98900 Salla

Sallatunturin Tuvat, Hangasjärventie 2 98900 Salla

Spa hotel Holiday Club Salla, Revontulentie 2 98900 Salla

Salla Ski Resort, Revontulentie 7 98900 Salla

Sallainen Caravan & Mökit, Tunturikummuntie 2 98900 Salla

Also Salla-clothing for sale.

Basic information
Opening hours Mon - Fri 9:00-16:00
Languages: Finnish, English, saksa
Contact information:

Sallan Matkailuinfo

puh +358 (0) 400 269 838

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The tale behind the name Murhahaara (Murder Branch)

In the northern parts of Salla, in the Tuntsa area, there is a hut in the wilderness called Murhahaara (Murder Branch). For centuries, it has been rumoured to be haunted. In the guestbook of the hut, people have scribbled warnings to those spending the night about ghosts appearing during the...