Salla Reindeer Park / Restaurant services

From the Reindeer Park you will find a nice and cozy cafeteria. Cafe is a nice place to have a small break for example after our excursions or in between cross-country or snowscooter trip.

From our souvenir shop you can find things like reindeer leather gloves, reindeer hide, kuksa (traditional Lappish wooden cup) and puukko (Lappish knife). From the cafe you can have fresh delicasies and our famous doughnuts.

For this winter in the cafe we have two art exhibitions: Paula Viitanen’s watercolor works and Timo Tuuha’s photographs.

Hall of Forest tells you about the old forest, Sallatunturi area, reindeer and carnivores, game birds and hiking tracks.

Reindeer Park staff  will be more than happy to help you with your guestions about the area other things.


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Languages: Finnish, English
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Tuija Kääriäinen

puh +358 16 837 771

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The blaze of Tuntsa

In 1960, God in his wisdom deemed it appropriate to burn down part of the forests of Tuntsa. I was asleep, when Fire Chief Yrjö Tervo came to rouse me by knocking on the window. He said that I needed to get up and go to Tuntsa to put out a fire. I had no choice but to go. I drove to Kota-Antti,...