Matkalle Sallaan ry - Travelling in Salla Association

Matkalle Sallaan ry – Travelling in Salla Association, was established in 2003 as a co-operation organ for local companies. It handles various tasks, including the region’s common marketing and co-ordination efforts, updating Salla’s tourist information website, arrangements for participation in fairs and other marketing events, organising the design and printing of Salla marketing material, and serving as a co-operation organ with other regional tourist organisations, such as Lapin Markkinointi (Lapland Marketing).


The Association has 43 member companies involved in tourism, restaurant and catering services, various other services and the retail trade.

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The oldest ski in the world

In the year 1938, when Jaska Repo was digging a ditch, a strange-looking tree stub emerged, attracting his attention. It was approximately 154 cm long and some 15 cm wide, resembling the nose of a ski. It had been cut off by the turning plough wheel, being very rotten and brittle. Most of the ski...