Improvements on the maintenance of Salla ski tracks

This winter a new ski track maintenance system will be brought into use in Salla. Ski tracks are now divided into three blocks, each block being maintained during the season twice a week. The new system ensures that skiers are provided with freshly maintained ski trails. Salla has over 160 kilometres of tracks.

In high season, weeks 7-17, the trails are maintained six days a week: Monday to Friday and Sunday. Saturdays ski tracks will be maintained if necessary.

Ski tracks are divided into three blocks and each block of tracks is maintained different days twice a week.

- We want this new block system to serve our customers even better. Now the skiers can look at the blocks to see which tracks have just been done and go skiing there, Salla municipality technical director Olli Aatsinki says.

In Salla, the municipality of Salla, local companies and Salla Fell Cottages enable the existence of ski tracks. The companies that arecurrently involved in the cooperation are: Sallatunturi Oy, Sallatunturin Tuvat, Kaunisharju Oy/Salla Ski Resort, Kiinteistö Oy Tunturitähti, Sallan Tunturitähti Oy, Sallan Tähti Oy, Sallan Kelorinne Oy, Holiday Club Salla, Snowpoint / Keloravintola, Sallas huoneistot, Erittäin Sallainen/Sallainen Caravan ja Mökit, Sallan Osuuskunta Jotos/Salla Reindeerpark and Eraustähti Oy.

- The companies involved are doing important work for tourism. We are constantly looking for new companies in order to keep our operations secured also in the future, says Aatsinki.

Read more about the ski tracks and check out the map of ski tracks and blocks from Salla web site bit.ly/skitracks.

You can give feedback of the ski tracks and new system by email to reittipalaute@salla.fi

Go to the tracks with a dog or a fatbike

In Salla, some of the ski tracks are also available for cyclists and skiers with dogs. Multiple uses of tracks allow more people to enjoy winter nature and it also reduces costs.

In Salla there is total of 38 kilometres of dogtracks. The dogtracks are Kaunisharju, Ratiskaviita and Kalliojärvi tracks.

12-kilometres long Kaunisharju track is also allowed for cyclists. The Salla ski resort rents electric-assisted fatbikes that offer speedy and comfortable exercise. Bike rental is also offered by Sallatunturin Tuvat.

In Salla it is believed that all users will fit on the same tracks. The most important thing is to consider other people and to cooperate.

Read more about ski tracks

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