Salla is easy to reach!

There are several options to choose from when selecting how to travel to Salla. A train will take you as far as Kemijärvi, where you can take a bus to Sallatunturi and back almost every day. If you want to travel by air, you can fly either to Rovaniemi or Kuusamo, from Kuusamo airport bus transportation from most flights of Finnair. You do not necessarily need a car to get around in Salla, but if you choose to drive, the distance from Helsinki is approx. 900 km.

At winter time (23.12.2017-31.3.2018) Lufthansa is flying direct flights between Frankfurt and Kuusamo on Saturdays; FRA 10:05-14:10 KAO and KAO 15:15-17:30 FRA.

Click these links to see airport transfers from Kuusamo airport:

updated 11.8.2017


AIRBUS Salla-Ruka-Kuusamo October 2017

AIRBUS Salla-Ruka-Kuusamo November 2017

KARHUNKIERROS BUS 2017 You can also use Airport bus from Kuusamo to Salla to return from Karhunkierros to Sallatunturi/Salla.

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Check the timetables from Kuusamo  Airport in the webpages of Pohjolan matkat.


Möllärin Linjat drives via Rovaniemi airport from Monday to FridAY.. Check the timetable on webpages of Möllärin Linjat or Matkahuolto.

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Shopping in Salla transportation by taxi or bus from Sallatunturi to Salla and back to Sallatunturi when needed. Reservations from Sallatunturin Tuvat or Holiday Club Salla receptions. Taxi - bus Reijo Virkkula tel. +358400-394 473 / email:

A short visit to Russia across the eastern border is easy via the new border crossing station of Salla, provided that you remember to acquire a visa in advance. On the Russian side of the border, the gorgeous fell scenery of Vanha Salla (Old Salla) opens up before your eyes. The new border crossing station has made access to Russia much easier than before, to the delight of local inhabitants and visitors alike.

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Sallatunturi is located

986 km from Helsinki
950 km from Turku
780 km from Tampere
560 km from Joensuu
155 km from Rovaniemi
100 km from Kuusamo
67 km from Kemijärvi

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