Future events

            January 2018

            Week 2
            Week 4
            27.01.2018 Northern-Finland Cup slalom

            February 2018

            Week 5
            02.02.2018 Iskuporakone (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 6
            09.02.2018 Speed skiing World Cup - in memory of Kalevi "Häkä" Häkkinen
            09.02.2018 Duo 100 & Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 8
            19.02.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            21.02.2018 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)
            23.02.2018 Live music: Devilstomp (Pub Papana Pupi)
            24.02.2018 2 years birthday party in Kairalan kievari, Vallovaara village
            Week 9
            26.02.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            27.02.2018 Live music: House Band @ Papana Pupi (Pub Papana Pupi)
            28.02.2018 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)

            March 2018

            02.03.2018 Live music: House Band @ Papana Pupi (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 10
            05.03.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            07.03.2018 Jari Parikka / The Bänd (Pub Papana Pupi)
            09.03.2018 Duo Badfellas & Burleski Show (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 11
            12.03.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            17.03.2018 Skiing to the Liquer store - event, skiing from Saija village to Salla village
            17.03.2018 BIG REINDEER WEEKEND 17th-18th March
            Week 12
            19.03.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            23.03.2018 P2 & KimiS rockduo at Kairalan Kievari, Vallovaara village
            24.03.2018 Salla snowmobile race; finnish champion in enduro
            25.03.2018 Salla skiing event - 40th celebration for Sallan Latu association
            Week 13
            26.03.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            31.03.2018 Saijazz -smallest jazzfestival of the World at Saija village

            April 2018

            01.04.2018 Museum's birthday (Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction)
            Week 14
            02.04.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            06.04.2018 Troubadour Mieskonen (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 15
            09.04.2018 Karaoke (Pub Papana Pupi)
            13.04.2018 Troubadour Antti Kajander (Pub Papana Pupi)
            Week 18
            30.04.2018 May Day Brunch (Kiela Restaurant)

            May 2018

            Week 19
            13.05.2018 Mother's Day lunch (Kiela Restaurant)
            Week 20

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            The first Finnish downhill racing and slalom championships


            Tourism was already
            developing fast in Salla in 1937, when the first Finnish downhill ski
            championships took place on old Sallatunturi fell.There were twenty or so competitors
            including the country's top skiers, Aarne Valkama and Erkki...