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Tips for environmentally friendly tourism from the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism:


Before departure:

-          find out what the level of waste management is at your destination

-          when packing, think about what you really need and leave out hazardous waste such as spray cans

-          pack sensibly, less weight means lower emissions

At your destination:

-          use a reusable shopping bag and politely refuse unnecessary plastic bags

-          drink tap water whenever possible. Avoid buying plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste

-          Magazines and books that you have already finished reading can be left in hotel lobbies or cafés for others to     read

-          Avoid disposable plates and cups as well as other disposable products

-          Reduce waste by only taking the amount of food you are going to eat

-          Buy products with minimal packaging

-          Avoid individually packaged products

-          Sort your waste


More information is available from the website of the Finnish Association for Fair Tourism.


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