Everyman's rights

Everyman’s rights refer to the public right to use nature regardless of who owns or controls the land. Using nature within the limits of everyman’s rights is therefore not subject to the landowner’s permission, and exercising these rights is free of charge. However, everyman’s rights do not fully apply to nature reserves. Furthermore, exercising everyman’s rights must not cause more than minor damage or disturbance to the landowner, land use or nature.

Everyman’s rights entitle you to:

    walk, ski and ride a bicycle in nature, such as forests, natural meadows and waterways

    ride a horse

    temporarily stay and camp out overnight in the same areas you are allowed to move around

    pick wild berries, mushrooms and non-protected plants

    fish and ice-fish

    operate a boat, swim and bathe in bodies of water and walk on ice.

Everyman’s rights do not entitle you to:

    cause disturbance to the landowner’s use of land

    pass through yards, gardens or cultivated fields

    cut or damage growing trees

    gather wood from fallen or dried-up trees

    gather moss or lichen

    light an open fire on someone else’s land

    disturb the domestic privacy of another person; for example, by camping too close to a dwelling place or making    noise


    drive a motor vehicle off road

    disturb or damage birds’ nests and nestlings

    disturb animals

    fish and hunt without appropriate licences

    allow a dog on public beaches, children’s playgrounds, maintained ski trails or sports fields

    keep a dog unleashed in populated areas or on exercise trails or other people’s property

    keep a dog unleashed anywhere, even your own land, between 1 March and 19 August.


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