At Salla, waste is collected at Ekopiste collection points and the Hyötyjäteasema recycling station. There are several Ekopiste waste sorting stations at the Sallatunturi Fell area and Salla village centre. The locality maps below show their locations (look for the green paw symbols). The maps can be printed from the digital edition of Erämaan Salla magazine.

Ekopiste kirkonkylä.JPG      kierrätyspisteet sallatunturi.JPG

In southern Salla, there are Ekopiste waste sorting stations in Onkamo, Kallunki, Hautajärvi, Karhujärvi and Paloperä. In western Salla, Ekopiste waste sorting stations can be found in Vallovaara (Mattilanmäki), Salmivaara and Kursu. In northern Salla, they are located in the villages of Kelloselkä, Kotala, Saija and Naruska. Please refer to the Keep Lapland Tidy Association website for the exact locations of Ekopiste waste sorting stations in Salla.

Ekopiste waste sorting stations collect household waste as well as paper, glass and metal waste. Small metal items (cans, lids and frying pans), glass items, paper waste and combustible waste (formerly known as mixed waste) can be disposed of at Ekopiste waste sorting stations. Starting from the beginning of October 2015, the former waste collection category of mixed waste was replaced by the designation combustible waste. Combustible waste is transported to Oulu for incineration at the Laanila ecopower plant. This means that removing non-combustible waste from mixed waste is now even more important than before.

The Salla recycling station is located along Kemijärventie, approximately 8 kilometres from Salla village centre. The recycling station is open on Fridays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on the first Saturday of each month (excluding public holidays) from 12 noon to 3 p.m. The recycling station receives metal waste, cardboard packaging, construction and demolition waste, offal, garden waste, waste wood, scrap electronics and hazardous waste such as batteries, light bulbs, oil, paint and glue waste. The recycling station also includes a recycling room that accepts and freely gives out household items, furniture, windows and other such items in good condition. The Salla recycling station is owned by Lapeco, the Joint Municipal authority for Waste Management in Lapland. The recycling station is operated by the Salla 4-H Association, tel. +358 (0)40 163 8210. Please refer to the Lapeco website for information on opening hours.


1. Disposal of recoverable waste at Ekopiste collection stations:

• Put the waste in the correct container. Do not put the wrong kind of waste in any container.

• Do not leave any waste outside collection containers. Littering is prohibited by the Waste Act.

• If you carry waste in a plastic bag, empty the bag in the container and put the empty bag in the appropriate waste bin.

• If the container is full, please contact the Joint Municipal Authority call centre to notify them of the need to empty the container. Take the waste to a different Ekopiste station or bring it back another time.

Paper, glass and metal are reused; for example, as raw material in industry. Recoverable waste is used to manufacture items such as glass bottles and jars, newsprint, toilet paper, egg cartons, envelopes, glass wool, forks and knives.


Bottles with a deposit are to be returned to the bottle collection machines at grocery shops.

More information on Keep Lapland Tidy Association

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