Recycling & Hiking

Salla is known for its pristine and magnificent nature. Together we can keep it that way. Please remember to make use of the comprehensive network of recycling and waste sorting stations in the area. At Salla, waste is collected at Ekopiste collection points and the Hyötyjäteasema recycling station.

In addition to sorting waste, it is particularly important to refrain from littering when moving around the local terrain. In Finland, Metsähallitus has focused on the promotion of hiking without littering for several years. This goal is shared by us in Salla. There are no waste bins at the campfire sites along hiking trails. We hope that whatever you can carry into the forest you can also carry out. When out in nature, the simple principle to keep in mind is to not leave behind any trace that you were there.


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A painful mission

The Winter War had broken out. We numbered about a dozen men tasked with escorting and guiding people and cattle to take the Savukoski road towards the west. In Kotala, we shot the cows in the barn since we could not take them with us. When we left Kotala, the soldiers immediately set the buildings...