EcoSalla products

Eco-friendliness is increasingly taken into consideration in the products and services offered by travel companies in Salla, ranging from the accommodation and business premises infrastructure to local food and excursions to enjoy campfire coffee under a sky illuminated by the Northern Lights. In practice, EcoSalla means that travel operators think sustainably and produce excursions, safaris and other products and services with the same approach based on the values of nature conservation and locality.

Examples of how eco-friendliness is taken into consideration include the fact that many of Salla’s households and businesses are heated ecologically using wood chips, the use of eco-friendly solutions in infrastructure and paying increasing attention to more ecological lighting in a location that depends on artificial lighting for much of the winter season.  Salla’s businesses make extensive use of local products and producers in their operations. Snowmobiles have been upgraded to modern four-stroke machines with low emissions. Our local guides provide information on nature in Salla during excursions, and tourists who explore the local nature on their own can use the CityNomad map application for mobile devices. There are comfortable places for taking breaks on hiking trails. Sit and enjoy the silence in the middle of nowhere. Brew campfire coffee, cook sausage on a stick over an open fire and listen to the sounds of nature around you.

The local grocery shop K-market Puolukka has launched an online grocery delivery service to allow people in the village centre area to buy groceries and have them delivered without having to use private cars. Another option for going to the grocery shop is using the shuttles that operate between Sallatunturi Fell and Salla village centre. Salla is a place with no congestion. It is a place of serenity and nature that gives you energy and wellbeing. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with the air of Lapland, the cleanest air in the world. Take a moment to just listen. You can hear the sound of silence.


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