Tuntsa Wilderness area

Protected under the Natura 2000 programme, Tuntsa Wilderness Area is known for its beautiful terrain and significance as a wilderness area. Tuntsa Wilderness Area is ideally suited for hiking due to its well-defined terrain, which makes travel and navigation easy. Some say Tuntsa is one of the finest outdoor recreation destinations in all of Europe.


The hiking trails in Tuntsa include the following:

- A.E. Järvinen trail (13.8 km)

- Tuntsa trail (42.8 km)

- Pirunkirkko trail

- UKK trail to Härkätunturi Fell (22.4 km)

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A painful mission

The Winter War had broken out. We numbered about a dozen men tasked with escorting and guiding people and cattle to take the Savukoski road towards the west. In Kotala, we shot the cows in the barn since we could not take them with us. When we left Kotala, the soldiers immediately set the buildings...