Oulanka National Park

In terms of habitat types and species, Oulanka National Park in Salla is the most valuable and biodiverse conservation area in Finland.  Visitor numbers prove that Oulanka National Park is perceived as a particularly attractive destination for nature tourism, even internationally. Oulanka’s popularity is based on its valuable and diverse wilderness nature as well as the rich hiking and camping tradition in the area. The National Park is home to many threatened species of plants and animals, including:

•        approximately 400 species classified as threatened or near threatened

•        occurrences of approximately 3,000 species classified as threatened or near threatened

•        approximately 80 habitat types classified as threatened or near threatened

•        species hotspots: there are dozens of species for which Oulanka is the only area of occurrence in Finland, or the most area of occurrence

•        most significant groups of species in order: mosses, vascular plants, fungi

•        many habitat types for which Oulanka is the most significant area of occurrence in Finland (water meadows, palustriella-dominated springs), as well as little-known types of vegetation (calcareous seasonal wetlands)


The rivers Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki flow through the National Park with magnificent gorges that make the terrain picturesque and memorable. The Karhunkierros hiking trail and day hikes, such as Pieni Karhunkierros, are excellent ways for visitors to enjoy this beautiful landscape, as are the canoeing routes in Oulanka. The National Park conserves the unique nature and cultural heritage of Oulanka and presents it to visitors.

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