Nature values and destinations

Our main goal is to ensure that people can enjoy the pristine nature of Salla both now and in the future. Tourism plays an important role in this regard, as tourism in Salla is largely based on nature. The nature in Salla is very diverse and has unique natural value, which is reflected in the large number of conservation areas in the region. A total of 99,058 hectares, or 17% of Salla’s total area, is designated for conservation. One of the most significant nature destinations in Salla is the Oulanka National Park. In terms of its habitat types and species, it is the most biodiverse conservation area in Finland.  Oulanka Research Station is a regional unit of the University of Oulu’s Thule Institute, established in 1966 in Kuusamo to serve research and teaching in biology and geosciences. The research station located in Värriö Strict Nature Reserve also provides valuable research data on the nature in Salla, which supports the development of tourism.


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The blaze of Tuntsa

In 1960, God in his wisdom deemed it appropriate to burn down part of the forests of Tuntsa. I was asleep, when Fire Chief Yrjö Tervo came to rouse me by knocking on the window. He said that I needed to get up and go to Tuntsa to put out a fire. I had no choice but to go. I drove to Kota-Antti,...