Our goal is to ensure that people can enjoy the pristine nature of Salla both now and in the future. As tourists are increasingly environmentally conscious, we want to offer environmentally friendly travel services and products. We can promote nature protection through tourism by paying even more attention to the utilisation of nature and the consumption of natural resources. As tourism in Salla is largely built on travel products based on nature, it is necessary to utilise nature without causing damage to it. Nature in the Arctic is slower to regenerate and therefore more vulnerable than elsewhere, which must be taken into consideration in the development of tourism in the North. In our travel products, we aim to protect the surrounding wilderness by means such as minimising the consumption of water and energy, waste generation and emissions. Our starting point is to cultivate these valuable wilderness areas of the North in a manner that also allows tourists to enjoy them.

We want to promote the ecological approach in Salla through concrete measures without the use of external certificates that are comprehensive to the extent that it is difficult to identify them and know their contents. We want our commitment to looking after the environment and nature to manifest itself in the way we operate. Travel companies have made a commitment to the Salla tourism quality programme. This website includes information on Salla’s sustainable travel products and destinations as well as information and guides to help tourists enjoy their holiday in Salla with a good conscience!

Sustainable tourism in Salla has been developed in the partially EU-funded EcoSalla project from 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2016. The project is managed by the municipality of Salla.

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Nostalgic trip to Korja

We were on a nostalgic trip to Korja, visiting our former home regions now on the Russian side of the border. On our way there, some people had already had a few drinks, and others also started to open their bottles. One of the people taking part on the trip was MP Ulpu Iivari, who assumed the role...