Salla´s Huskies

Small Husky farm in the idyllic little village 5km from Salla centre. Individual programs or for small group (1-6 person)


Husky excursions:

Experience the unique views in the nature reserve area in the sleigh pulled by husky team.

Passing by the variable terrains of Termusaapa mire reserve area.

The total duration of the safari about 2 hours

Min 2 / Max 6 person


Safaris are carried out during the winter months by agreement.


Price 130 eur / person incl. Hut and huskyfarm services.


Aurora Borealis safaris (evening/night) 160 eur / person incl. Hut and huskyfarm services.


Short safaris in the forrest 60 eur/person incl. Hut and huskyfarm services.


All excursions include visiting in the husky farm, instructions how to drive husky sledge and taking care the dogs after a safari. Grilling sausages by open fire and black pot coffee and sweet bread.

Remember to wear warm clothes!




- Visiting Husky farm

- Take part in training the dogs

- Guided trips to bird watching tower and to Vallovaara vantage point

Basic information
Languages: Finnish, English
Contact information:

Kari Ollila

puh +358 40 0692262

Ahvenseläntie 40
98900 Salla