Spa and beaches


In Salla, you can freshen up with a nice swim both in the summer and in the winter. The pools and jacuzzis of the spa give an opportunity for swimming and relaxation all year round. In addition, Salla has several superb beaches. In the winter, you even have the chance to try ice swimming at the Ruuhijärvi beach.

The free time activities department of the municipality of Salla monitors and maintains the general cleanliness of the beaches and measures the water quality. In Salla, there are altogether 14 beaches, all in prime condition:

Kirkonkylä (centre) beach, Ruuhijärvi

Keselmäjärvi beach, Sallafell

Onkamo beach, Onkamojärvi, Niskantie

Kallunki beach, Kallunkijärvi

Hautajärvi beach, Koutajoki, the Häkkilä beach

Hirvasvaara beach, Hirvasjärvi

Salmivaara beach, Salmijärvi, the beach by the school

Kursu beach, Keskijärvi

Kursu beach, Porolampi

Pahkakumpu beach, Aitalampi

Varvikko beach, Varvikkojärvi

Vallovaara beach, the pond in Vallovaara

Kelloselkä beach, Aatsinkijoki, Kellon rantatie

Kelloselkä swimming place, Hakovanniemi 35, Aatsinki

Saija beach, the beach by the shop

In the winter, you can go ice swimming in the lake Ruuhijärvi at Sallan Lomakoti. The ice swimming place is open daily, and the sauna is heated on a couple of evenings each week. The price for visitors: EUR 5. Further information: tel. +358 (0)400 196 824.