Peski Reindeer Tale

We will start our tour at the auditorium of the main building, where the guide illustrates the course of one year of reindeer management with a one-hour slide show. One of our experts will be there to answer your questions about reindeer and reindeer management.

Then we will move on to the exhibition area where you will see interesting illustrations of the flora, fauna and soil of the region. You will also learn about the old woodlands and the encounters of the reindeer and predators. The exhibition is an impressive experience with its natural sounds and stuffed animals. The watercolour art exhibition of the Reindeer Park offers you more enchantment of the nature of Lapland.

After the slide show and the exhibition you will be able to experience the real reindeer life outdoors. The Reindeer Park consists of an age-old reindeer pastureland of some 200 hectares. It belongs to the naturally managed woodland area of Kaunisharju ridge: the park is managed according to the old natural values.

On the trail, you will appreciate the beauty and diversity of Lappish landscape. We will start by climbing on top of a high ridge, then cross over a scenic peatland area on duckboards, and finally come to a lush and hilly mixed forest. There is a beautiful pond in the woods, and a cosy wilderness hut and camping site on the waterside.

Our light trekking tour will start on a 1.6-kilometre-long (1-mile long) trapping trail, marked with red. On the trail, the guide will tell you about the traditional predator trapping methods, showing you various traps. The trail ends in a reindeer-feeding spot.

The reindeer will come to their feeding spot as the guide calls them, and you will be able to feed them yourself. The reindeer are used to being fed daily.

We will also see how the ancient hunters and reindeer herds used to live in the wilderness. There are various wilderness huts and peat shelters in the park.

At the end of the tour, we will gather in a Kota shelter or at a campfire to enjoy coffee or tea prepared over open fire and served in wooden Kuksa mugs. You will also have a chance to taste the delicious local Kampanisu cookies. At the campfire, the guide will tell you stories about life in Lapland. At the end of the coffee break, the guide will tell you about the beliefs related to reindeer bones and give you a small reindeer-bone amulet as a souvenir of the tour.

After coffee, you can stay in the area and take the 1.9-km (1.2-mile) long nature trail, marked with green, on your own. Alternatively, you can walk directly back to the main building of the Reindeer Park along the 1.5-km (0.9-mile) long hunting trail, marked with blue.

Time: 1.6. - 30.9.
Price: 36 €
Duration: 5 h
Languages: English, Finnish,
Includes: Meals, equipments during the trip, Guiding,
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Languages: Finnish, English
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