A.E. Järvinen trail (13.8 km)

Follow in the footsteps of the famous wilderness author and painter A.E. Järvinen through the unforgettable spruce forests of the Sorsajoki River area and see Sorsatunturi fell, the highest peak in Salla. 13.9 km. A weekend trip or a part of a longer multiday hiking trip. Difficulty: demanding.

The trail runs from Naruskan Tammi or Tuntsa Pub to Sorsatunturi fell.

The trail runs from Naruskan Tammi or Tuntsa Pub to Sorsatunturi fell. Part of the UKK trail. Trail description on the luontoon.fi website

Trail difficulty rating


Services on the trail:

The trail is marked by orange signposts. There is one campfire site along the trail and a bookable hut in Vaarinkehuma with a fireplace and a sauna. From the Naruskantie and Sorsajoki crossing there are signposts to Tuntsa Pub (distance approx. 1 km), which provides lodging and restaurant services. There are many water sources along the trail as it follows the Naruskajoki and Sorsajoki rivers for most of its length, and there are also several streams to cross along the trail.

Estimated duration

7–10 hours

Outdoor activities for which the trail is suitable

Walking in the summer, skiing during the snowy season.

Trail conditions, related risks and recommended equipment

Starting from Naruskan Tammi, the trail goes along Naruskantie road to Sorsajoki. From there, there are signposts to Tuntsa Pub and Vaarinkehuma. The route then continues along the forest truck road to the edge of Aitatsivaara, and from there as a trail to Vaarinkehuma. The trail's level of difficulty is highly variable. The easiest sections are along Naruskantie and the forest truck road. From Aitatsivaara, the trail is mostly quite easy, consisting of dry and flat pine forests followed by moist mixed forest. The trail becomes more uneven and rocky as you approach Vaarinkehuma, and crossing Sorsakuusikko involves some very steep inclines and declines. There are also a few wet spots without duckboards and there is no bridge for crossing Sorsajoki River. Recommended footwear: in the summer season, waterproof high-cut hiking boots or rubber boots.

Description of the natural environment

The natural environment is very diverse. It includes both easy-to-traverse pine forests and more moist spruce stands and groves.

Description of the cultural environment

The diverse nature of Naruskajoki River and Sorsajoki River. Approaching Vaarinkehuma, the scenery becomes more majestic and wilderness-like.


Municipality: Salla. Located north of Naruska village and mostly to the east of Naruskajoki River. Not accessible by public transport. The starting points are accessible by car. Driving instructions for Naruskan Tammi: Drive about 30 kilometres from Salla towards Savukoski, then take a right on Naruskantie. Drive about 47 kilometres on Naruskantie, then turn left. Drive on for about 0.5 kilometres to reach Naruskan Tammi. After crossing the river, signposts and the trail are to the left of the road. You can also start the trail from Tuntsa Pub or after crossing Sorsajoki River, where the UKK Trail turns from Naruskantie towards Vaarinkehuma.

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