Pirunkirkko trail (UKK Trail)

Pirunkirkko, Finnish for “the Devil’s Church”, is an intimidating dark brown hump-like rock formation in a boggy area. It is not only an impressive sight, but also an unusual geological formation.

It is not only an impressive sight, but also an unusual geological formation

Pirunkirkko can be visited from Tuntsantie road or the Tuntsa hiking trail. From Tuntsantie road, there are duckboards leading to Pirunkirkko. The distance is about 600 metres.

Pirunkirkko’s 15-metre high rock faces are characterised by large cracks. They were created by molten rock being pushed through cracks from deep underground while pushing surrounding rocks out of the way. The rock type of Pirunkirkko is peridotite, which is a highly magnetic rock that contains high concentrations of iron and magnesium. These types of peridotite formations are estimated to be more than 2,500 million years old.

Trail difficulty rating:


Services on the trail:

The trail is marked by orange signposts.

Outdoor activities for which the trail is suitable

Walking in the summer, skiing during the snowy season.

Trail conditions, related risks and recommended equipment

A mostly narrow path that, in many places, is difficult to traverse, steep and uneven. There are new duckboards in good condition between Tuntsantie road and Pirunkirkko. Recommended footwear: in the summer season, waterproof high-cut hiking boots or rubber boots.

Description of the natural environment

The natural environment consists of very diverse terrain including fells, hills and bogs.

Description of the cultural environment

Majestic fell scenery and wilderness. The route passes the Pirunkirkko rock formation to the east of Tuntsantie road.


Municipality: Salla. Located north of Naruska village and includes sections on both sides of Tuntsantie road. Not accessible by public transport. Driving instructions: Drive about 30 kilometres from Salla towards Savukoski, then take a right on Naruskantie. Drive about 70 kilometres on Naruskantie. There are signposts for the trail on the left-hand side of the road.


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