Karhutunturi trail 2 km

The visitor who climbs to the top of Karhutunturi fell is rewarded by breathtaking views over fells, bogs, wilderness ponds and Naruskajoki River. Down at the foot of the fell one can see the famously cold village of Naruska.

Down at the foot of the fell one can see the famously cold village of Naruska

This tiny village in northern Salla is often mentioned on television, with the record-low temperatures making the national news. The official record low temperature measured at the measurement station in Naruska village is -50.4 degrees Celsius (in 1985), but in 1999 the same measurement station recorded an unofficial reading of -54.4 degrees, which is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Finland.

In the middle of Naruska village rises Karhutunturi fell with its peak at 518.5 metres above sea level. The easiest way to climb Karhutunturi fell is to follow the forest truck road. You will come across a hut after going uphill for about one kilometre. You can continue on the forest truck road for another kilometre to reach the top of Karhutunturi fell.

The UKK Trail also passes through the Karhutunturi area, and there is also the old circular trail around Karhutunturi with a distance of 13.2 kilometres. The trails are marked by orange or blue signs. Please note that the trail sees relatively little use and the path is not very easy to follow. Traversing the longer trail requires good map reading and wilderness survival skills.

Services on the trail:

Forest truck road or a trail marked by blue and blue/orange signs. There is a hut on Karhutunturi fell. There are water sources along the route at Kuopsiojanlatvakuru.

Estimated duration

One hour (longer trail 4–6 hours)

Outdoor activities for which the trail is suitable

Walking in the summer, skiing during the snowy season.

Trail conditions, related risks and recommended equipment

The forest truck road is easy to traverse. The trail is narrow. It is also uneven and rocky in places. There are several very steep inclines and declines. Recommended footwear: waterproof high-cut hiking boots with good ankle support.

Description of the natural environment

The natural environment is very diverse. Tunturikuru is characterised by bleak wilderness. As you ascend, the terrain becomes more rocky and open, culminating in the bare peak of the fell.

Description of the cultural environment

Magnificent fell scenery and great views from the top across other fells in the area.


Municipality: Salla. Located north of Naruska village and to the west of Naruskajoki River. Not accessible by public transport. The starting points are accessible by car. Driving instructions for Karhutunturi: Drive about 30 kilometres from Salla towards Savukoski, then take a right on Naruskantie. Drive about 19 kilometres on Naruskantie, then turn left on Karhutunturintie. Drive on for about 7 kilometres.


Source: luontoon.fi

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