Karhunkierros hiking trail 80 km

Karhunkierros Hiking Trail is one of Finland's most popular trails

Karhunkierros Hiking Trail is 80 km long and takes about four to six days to wander. Hikers may walk the trail from north to south or vice versa. There are several starting and ending points. It is not a circle trail.
Karhunkierros Hiking Trail is one of Finland's most popular trails and leads hikers past through Oulanka National Park's most magnificent landscape. The trail has 7 hanging bridges, duckboards, bridges and steps carved out of a hillside.

Services: 10 open wilderness huts or day trip huts. Open wilderness huts on the trail are Savilampi, Ristikallio, Taivalköngäs, Ansakämppä, Jussinkämppä, Siilastupa and Porontima (managed by Town of Kuusamo). Day trip huts on the trail are Myllykoski (managed by Town of Kuusamo), Puikkokämppä and Valtavaara. There are also tens of camping and campfire sites and lean-to shelters. There are larger camping grounds at Kiutaköngäs and Juuma. Camping is also permitted in the vicinity of wilderness huts, lean-to shelters and campfire sites. There are two Metsähallitus customer service points along the trail; Karhunkierros Visitor Centre and Oulanka Visitor Centre. Private enterprises offer services at Juuma and Ruka.
Sights: Rupakivi Rock, Oulangan kanjoni Canyon, Taivalköngäs, Kiutaköngäs and Jyrävä Rapids, Kallioportti look-out point, Myllykoski, Aallokkokoski and Niskakoski Rapids, Valtavaara and Rukatunturi Fells.

Source: luontoon.fi

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