Kanjonin kurkkaus (6 км)

6 km day-trip trail

This day-trip trail is located in northern Oulanka

Estimated time to travel is about 2.5 hours. Circle trail. This day-trip trail is located in northern Oulanka and leads across varying forest landscape. Along the route hikers become familiar with the area's terrain, mires, streams and magnificent canyon. Visitors can rest by a lake with gentle waves splashing on its shore before starting to hike up river side cliffs on the edge of the canyon, which is of course the main scenic point of the journey. Before reaching Lake Savilampi a magnificent view over the lake opens from above it. The return journey to the starting point follows first the route of Karhunkierros Trail.

Pdf-brochure Kanjonin kurkkaus (julkaisut.metsa.fi)

  • Trail markings: green paint marking and wooden signposts.
  • Trail starting point: Savilampi parking area, where there are guide information boards.
  • Services: Kirkasvetinenlampi campfire site, Savilampi Open Wilderness Hut and Savilampi hanging bridge, campfire site, dry toilet and compost.
  • Sights: Oulanka Canyon, Lake Savilampi, hanging bridge, the River Oulankajoki

Source: luontoon.fi

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