Kaippahanoja – Lapin Mysteeri (previously known as Snowpoint)

5.0 km. One-day trip. Difficulty classification: moderate.

Trail features

The trail has blue squares on trees as route signs . There’s a resting site in Kaippahanoja, with a lean-to, a fireplace and access to water.

Approximated time of walking the trail

2-3 hours.

Types of activities on the trail


Trail conditions, risks involved, and equipment

The trail follows a sand road for almost the the entire trip when starting in Lapin Mysteeri. When approaching Kaippahanoja, the trail turns into the forest, where it remains narrow, rough and steep in some places. The recommended footwear is hiking boots or rubber boots.

Description of natural environment

The environment is mainly ecomonical forest, dry boreal forest and deciduous forest. When approaching Kaippahanoja, the terrain becomes more wilderness-like spruce forest.


Located in the municipality of Salla, between Salla town center and Sallatunturi fell. The trail starts at cafe-restaurant Lapin mysteeri, approx. 5 km from Salla towards Kuusamo, with guidance to the trail.

Basic information
Contact information:

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