Jotospolku trail

3.8 km. One-day trip. Difficulty classification: moderate.

Trail features

The trail has blue squares on trees. There is one resting site by a pond, with a lean-to and a fireplace. There are streams and a quagmire that can be used for water and a pond that can be used for cooking water.

Approximated time for walking the trail

1-2 hours

Types of activities on the trail

Hiking during summertime and ski hiking during wintertime

Trail conditions, risks involved, and equipment

The trail starts in Salla Reindeer Park and goes first along a road and then proceeds as a narrow, easily accessible path. In some places on the path there are steep and rough sections.

Description of natural environment

The natural environment is mainly ecomonical and boreal forest. On more humid sections there’s more eutrophicated grove forest and swamp.

Description of cultural environment

Some fell landscape. There’s a connecting trail to a home animal farm on the trail.


Located in the municipality of Salla in Sallatunturi fell. Starts in Sallatunturi fell area with guideposts to the trail (guideposts: Ruuhitunturi, Aihkipetsi, Poropuisto) or in Salla Reindeer Park approx. 14 km from Salla towards Kuusamo (guidepost: Sallatunturi).

Miscellaneous information

Jotospolku is a connecting trail between Sallatunturi fell area and Salla Reindeer Park.


Video: Sotka Ämmi's spring is bubbling next to the path to Ruuhitunturi and Reindeer park. Taste the freezing cold water of it.

Basic information
Contact information:

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