Ämmin polku (Grandma’s Trail) 2.3 km

Ämmi is an honorific. Grandmothers have always been held in high regard in these parts. They possess the experience, knowledge and skills that have helped younger folk get out of many kinds of trouble. Most importantly, grandmothers have usually been there for children and grandchildren while their fathers and grandfathers are out somewhere, making a living or hunting wolves.

“The Creator does not expect us to do the impossible,” says the ancient grandmother of Salla

Named in honour of the grandmothers of the Salla region, this trail starts from the foot of Sallatunturi fell and goes towards Hangasselkä over a small bog. The trail crosses land on which the state felled trees a century ago. The felled trees were floated down Hangasoja. The are also other signs of life in the past along the trail, including a water meadow with a barn and the Sotka spring with extremely clean water. Another site with cultural and historical significance is Sotkan kellari, a basement along Kuusamontie. It tells the story of the old Sotka croft.

“The Creator does not expect us to do the impossible,” says the ancient grandmother of Salla, a respected sage who was familiar with traditions and natural remedies. The ancient grandmothers held various ancient secrets related to the treatment of illnesses. They knew how to make healing salve from natural ingredients. They knew a whole host of tricks that today would be referred to as magic or witchcraft.

Trail difficulty rating


Services on the trail:

The trail is marked by blue square signs attached to trees. There is one lean-to near the start of the trail and another approximately halfway, on the Hangasharju trail. Water for boiling is available in Lammi.

Estimated duration

One hour

Trail conditions, related risks and recommended equipment

This trail is mostly easy to traverse. There are a few uneven and steeper sections. Stairs have been built at the steepest sections and there are benches for resting at a few places along the trail. Recommended footwear: in the summer season, hiking boots or running shoes.

Description of the natural environment

Mostly dry heath forest with small bogs and ponds.

Description of the cultural environment

Magnificent views towards Sallatunturi fell.


Starts from Sallatunturi Fell Centre (behind the Sallatunturin Tuvat hotel), signposts point to the trail.


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