Frisbee golf's popularity has continued to grow as a summer sport that can be practised with a group of friends for fun, as a form of outdoor exercise for the whole family, or as a serious competitive sport.

Frisbeegolf disc rental in Salla village:

- K-Market Puolukka

- S-Market Erätuli

Frisbeegolf disc rental in Sallatunturi:

- Salla Ski Resort

- Log restaurant

- Sallatunturin tuvat

- Holiday Club Salla reception

- Sallainen Caravan

On summer 2013 a group of Salla businesses decided that we should also have such a course. From idea to action, the group of entrepreneurs started up a campaign so that any company or person could buy one new basket for Salla's fine new Frisbee Golf Course. In less than a week all nine baskets for the course had been sold, and after the basket order arrived, the course planned for the slopes of the skiing centre was erected by volunteers from the community.

The idea in Frisbee Golf (also known as Disc Golf) is to go round the course with the minimum number of throws by aiming the disc at a series of target baskets. The game begins from the tee pad, where players launch the first throw. At Salla, this first tee pad is located behind the Holiday Club Salla hotel spa. The players throw their discs in turn and then move to the vicinity of their own discs. The next throw starts from where the previous throw landed. The player furthest from the basket throws first. Each player counts their own number of throws. The throwing continues until each player gets the disc into the basket. After this, the game moves on to the next tee pad to throw for the following basket. The player who completes the entire course with the least number of throws is the winner. The Salla course's final basket is located on the lower part of the family slope just next to the restaurant Keloravintola.

You do not need to buy your own discs straight away, they can be rented at Salla from Keloravintola, Sallatunturin Tuvat, Holiday Club Salla and from the caravan area. Going around the course (i.e. playing) is free of charge so it's easy to start playing. Come and enjoy a game of Frisbee Golf!

Further information about Frisbee Golf and its rules can be found at

Salla businesses that participated in making the Frisbee Golf course include:

Salla Ski Resort

Sallatunturin Tuvat

Salla Reindeer Park

Keloravintola (Log restaurant)

Erittäin Sallainen

The Municipality of Salla

Jaanan kenkä & Huoltovarma

Villa Tunturi

K-Market Puolukka


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