Bird Watching


Summer is full of life in Salla and not only in the village, but in the wilderness too!
Birds come back to home offering you a great opportunity to follow
their life in the wilderness! You can take part to a guided bird watching trip or
watch birds by yourself in the bird watching towers which are located in the Salla wilderness!
Maybe you can see our lucky bird Siberian jay following you in the forest!

Termusjärvi Bird Watching Tower

Termusjärvi is a wide, low lake one of the best nesting areas in Salla for waterfowl. From the
tower there is a good view to the lake and the surrounding wetland area. Nearly all the waterfowl
species if Salla nest here, and also the Jack Snipe and the Broad-billed Sandpiper can be found.

Directions: From Salla 1 kilometer to Savukoski direction. Turn left (Ahvenselkä). Drive 4,4 kilometers.
Turn right (Lintutorni) to a small sand road. Drive 500 meters to an old sand pit. From there you can
walk to the tower 400 meters.

Aapa-Tuohilampi Bird Watching Tower

Aapa-Tuohilampi is a small low lake, which is surrounded by a wide wet area which is growing natural
hays and sedges. From the tower there is also a view to the Old Salla mountains in the Russia.
Nesting birds on the area are for example: Bean Goose, Whooper Swan (The national bird of finland), Northern
Pintail, Northern Shoveler, White-Winged Scoter, Smew, Crane and Red-necked Phalarope. During migration
there are plenty of birds on the lake.

Directions: From Salla to Savukoski direction 20 kilometers. Turn left (Savukoski). Drive 3,3 kilometers, turn left
(Tuohiselkä) to a gravel road. Drive 1,7 kilometers, turn left on a Y-crossing. Drive 700 meters,
turn right (Uuttulehto). Drive 1,5 kilometers, turn left before a small bridge. Drive 400 meters. On a curve there is
a small area for parking. The path is marked with ribbons, walk is 200 meters.

NOTE! The road starting
from the Uuttulehto-crossing might be closed during very poor road conditions (usually this happens only in early spring time).

The road to the watching tower might be closed now about 4km away from tower. Prepare to walk that distance.

More information about birds in Lapland you can find from the link below:

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