Oulanka – Naruska – Tulppio

This route is a part of the national biking route 80 and it goes from the southern border of Salla towards north, all the way to the village of Tulppio in Savukoski. If you start the journey from the village of Oulanka, the total distance will be approximately 200 km.

The route follows road 950 from the border of Salla (Oulanka) to the centre of Salla. Near the Salla fell and in the centre of Salla the route follows a pedestrian and bicycle route. In the centre of the municipality, the route goes on to the main road 82 towards Savukoski and continues on this main road to road 965. The route follows this road for a bit more than 10 km, after which it turns to the local road 19865 after the village of Kotala, leading towards Naruska. The route continues to the end of this road and then goes on to a forest truck road towards Tulppio in Savukoski.

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