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Length of the route is less than 7 km. It takes about an hour to ride without breaks, but if visiting all marked points it might as well take a whole day. Route can be started everywhere in Salla centre, but this description is planned from Sallatunturi direction along the Kuusamo road to Salla centre.


When coming to Salla centre starts a bicycle path on the left side of road which leads to Salla cemetery where you can freely go wandering and walking. In front of the cemetery and inside the area there are several benches where to rest and enjoy the silence.

The journey continues on the bike path. After about a kilometer turn left on 'Notkotie' and next turn to the right riding slightly downhill until on the left side appears Salla Church, built between 1948-1950. Inside the church there are many beautiful details. On church yard stands a granite war monument with 315 engraved names of Salla war heroes.

There are supermarkets in both directions where you can go shopping. From the church yard turn left, right and left. Ride on until reaching a traffic circle with a colorful sightseeing in the centre of  it. Turn right towards Savukoski. Bicycle path runs direct for one and a half kilometers. On the way you can see gasoline stations and the old railway station buildings, and on the left The Museum, where we'll stop on the way back. On the right side of the road is Stick-on, the only factory outlet in Salla which makes clothes, Lapp-huts and caps etc.

On the left lake Ruuhijärvi is already glittering temptingly, but take a quick visit to a War Memorial 'The Pine of Murder' on the right side of the road stop. Only hundred meters, turn left, cross the train track, turn left and the sunny beach will open in front. Grill sausages by the fire place and take a slide into the refreshing. clean water. On a sunny day many locals can be seen washing their carpets on a special carpet-washing-place by the beach.

After swimming the route continues along the same bike path back up to the museum. The Museum of War and Reconstruction was opened in 2010. You can follow and feel the life of Salla from the beginning of  last century, during the wars and the hard but persistent rebuilding of everything after the wars, when almost nothing was left. You can pop in for a coffee  or immerse yourself for hours in the interesting history of Salla.

From the museum ride across the road directly so that SEO and bus station leaves on  the left hand. A tight turn to the right and almost immediately on the left is a library of Salla. On the library yard you can see  traces of Finland's largest forest fire in Tuntsa Wilderness in 1960.

From the library's courtyard you can already see the City Hall, and the Salla Tourist Info, which you can't miss because of the big Salla-logos on windows. Pop in and inquire what else the wilderness has to offer.

If the bike needs maintenance, if you wish to buy souvenirs, clothing, take care of bank or  postal services as well as other shopping, Salla centre is full of services.

Sallatunturin Tuvat and Holiday Club Salla in Sallatunturi also rent a variety of bikes and equipment.

Parts of the route goes through the main road side, where  is no bike path. The route is not marked, but you'll get more info from  the Tourist Info. Please note that in Finland a bicycle helmet is mandatory

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