Mountain biking


Welcome to cycle in Salla spectacular wilderness scenery. Salla's bike routes are marked on hiking maps with two different colors. The red marked trails we recommend primarily for mountain biking because they pass trough the paths, duckboards and terrain with hills and fells. Brown marked trail go mainly by forest and gravel roads, are more easier and work also with normal bikes. Cycling on these routes is every cyclist own risk. Keep it at the appropriate skill level for you and remember that there can be other cyclists and hikers on the routes. Always remember to use a cycling helmet!

Biking Map Sallan pyöräilykartta 2014.pdf



Day trail routes

Hatajavaara 20km

Husumaa route, 11km

Marjavaara route 13,5+10km

Reindeer Park route, 17km


Terrain routes (mountain bike)

Sallatunturi scenery route, 6km

Kaunisharju Route, 10km

Hangasharju route, 15km

Ratiskavita route, 5km

Sallatunturi-Salla center, 10km


Long routes

Oulanka- Naruska- Tulppio, 200km

Oulanka- Salla- Savukoski, 130km


Rental bikes