Meeting room - the Karhunkierros Visitor Centre

There is a door that can be used to separate the meeting room from the customer spaces of the Visitor Centre. The meeting room can facilitate 30 people.

Occupancy: 30 people

Price: when the Visitor Centre is open EUR 25 per hour, EUR 125 per day. Outside opening hours or if the entire centre is in private use: prices will go up by 100%.


Video projector: Yes

Overhead projector: Yes

Screen: Yes

Flip chart: Yes

Computer: Yes

Internet connection: Yes

Coffee/snacks for meetings: Yes, separately charged

Dinner/lunch for meetings: Yes, separately charged

Basic information
Opening hours Open as the Visitor centre
Languages: Finnish
Contact information:

Karhunkierroksen luontokeskus

puh 040 834 6814

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