Meetings at Café-Pizzeria Akkavaara

Akkavaara is a café-pizzeria located in the heart of Salla, approximately 10 kilometres from the Sallatunturi fell. Upon request, we can organise meetings and private events and prepare food and drinks according to your wishes. We do not charge a separate rent for the facility.

Occupancy: After 4 p.m., 4–20 people (the space can be divided with screens but the noises of the customers may be disturbing) and after 8 p.m., 40–45 people. In June–July, meetings can only be arranged after 8 p.m.

Price: We do not rent out the facility alone, but when coffee and snacks and/or dinner is organised by us, we do not charge a separate rent for the facility. We can also deliver coffee and snacks or dinners for meetings to other locations you have rented.


Video projector: No

Overhead projector: No

Screen: No

Flip chart: No

Computer: Yes

Internet connection: Yes

Coffee/snacks for meetings: Yes

Dinner/lunch for meetings: Yes

Meetings after 4 p.m. (when lunchtime is over). Space can be separated with screens.

Basic information
Languages: Finnish
Contact information:

Merja Kauttio

puh +358 16 832477

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