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In Salla, the vast wilderness and abundant game stock offer versatile hunting opportunities.

Metsähallitus sells licences for small game, small predator and bear hunting. Small game, waterfowl/goose and elk- and bear hunting licences can also be bought from Sallan Yhteismetsä (Salla Collective Forest).

Bear hunting is organised as quota-based restricted hunting: the licence expires as soon as the bear quota for the eastern reindeer herding area is reached.

Hunting licences for the Salla region are sold by:

* Sallan Yhteismetsä’s (Salla Collective Forest) tel. +358-40-676 56 00; Spring, water birds and rabbitshunting licences

* Several of the region’s hunting associations sell licences permitting the hunting of hare and waterfowl

Guided hunting trips in Salla are organised at least by:

* Kola Extreme, +358 (0)16 837 791,

* Jotos / Sallan Poropuisto, +358 (0)16 837 771,

* Tuntsan Tunturilomat Oy, +358 (0)16 836 710,

* Sallan Erä- ja kalamiehet ry, +358 (0)400 394 787,


The national fisheries management fee must be paid in all regions whenever a person from 18 to 64 years of age practises lure fishing (does not apply to ice fishing or angling). The fee is 39€/ year, 12€/7days or 5€/day and can be paid in the Erä –online shop, by phone (+358 20 69 2424, in the closest selling point or in R-kioski. If bought in R-kiosk there will be 3€ fee added.

Paying the fisheries management fee grants the right to fish with one rod in all of the water except:

in protected water areas,

in special destinations that require separate permits

or in rapids and running waters with migratory fish.

Fishing in state-owned running waters and special fishing destinations in Salla requires the Metsähallitus angling permit for East-Lapland (3410). Trap fishing, fishing with more than one rod or crayfishing in state-owned waters also requires a separate permit issued by Metsähallitus. The national angling permit includes a whole family and can contain eight rods at most.

When fishing in private waters a permission given by the water area owner is needed.

The angling permit for the east Lapland (3410) can be paid to the same places as the state fishery fee(look above).

The area-specific angling permit does not permit fishing in the following locations:

- stream areas in salmon- and whitefish-rich bodies of water

- in areas where fishing is otherwise prohibited by a regulation

There are areas in Salla where a special license is needed (fishing is prohibited). You can ask more about the areas while you are bying a license.

In Salla, fishing licenses are sold by the following parties, for instance:

* Sallan Yhteismetsä (Salla Collective Forest), tel. +358 (0)16 831 269

o Licenses: Water areas owned by Sallan Yhteismetsä

* SEO (Sallan Autohuolto), tel. +358 (0)40 709 9687

o Licenses: The Metsähallitus fisheries management fee and angling permit, license for the fishing area of Yli-Kemi

* Jotos / Sallan Poropuisto, tel. +358 (0)16 837 771

o Licenses: The fishing license for Tammukkalampi

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